Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an all India common engineering entrance examination of the objective pattern which is conducted for admission in various engineering colleges and courses all over the country. It is regarded internationally as one of the most challenging engineering admission tests.

This is our adaptive mathematics learning platform specifically tailored for JEE aspirants. Our AI-powered platform adaptively generates unlimited number of JEE-style mathematics problems and helps students prepare for JEE and get detailed feedback on their performance. Our AI engine identifies the students' strengths and weaknesses and guides them to improve their performance with step-by-step interactive solutions and bite-sized lessons.

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  • JEE Advanced 2016 Paper 1 Mathematics

    Questions: 18
    Duration: 60 mins
    Max score: 62
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  • JEE Advanced 2016 Paper 2 Mathematics

    Questions: 6
    Duration: 60 mins
    Max score: 18
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